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Strategy Can Make Sport Betting Profitable
Sport betting is a challenging form of gambling that relies on a great deal of strategy. The most important sportbetting tactics involve a closer analysis of information, upon which a sound conclusion must be reached, before the bet can be placed.

A winning strategy takes more than one factor into account:
1. The amount of the bet.
2. The type of bet.
3. The available odds.

USA catering Sportsbooks, and Bookmakers in the UK are entities that accept sports bets. These wagers predict the outcome of future sporting events like Baseball, Snooker, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Boxing and scores of other atheletic activities. Just to cover some basic definitions: a sportsbook accepts the sports bet. An oddsmaker sets the odds for sportbetting.

In order to place a sports bet, one must first select the type of bet and the amount to wager. Of course, this will depend upon the odds being offered. Carefully scrutinize the range of available odds.In order for the sports bet to be worthwhile, the odds must be in the ratio of at least 2:1. Another factor one must take into account is the amount given, by way of commission, to the sportsbook. This should be a minimal percentage of the total value of the odds.

Here is a short listing of commonly placed sports bets:
1. Single, or Straight: This is sportsbetting in its most basic form and allows you to bet on the straight up winner.
2. Point Spread: Your team must win by the number of points given up, (if favored), OR, if UnderDog, can lose by no more than the points one gets. Under this bet one can bet on one of two selections that have been equalized by the allocation of points. In the Point Spread, the number of allocated points are shown with a + sign for the UnderDog, and a – sign for the Favorite.
3. Buy Points: This involves moving the Point Spread YOUR WAY, by paying a price.
4. The Moneyline: This type of wager is simply on who will win. It respects the odds for each side, and no pointspread is used.
5. Totals Bet: This is similar to point spread bets, but the wager is against the final combined score of BOTH teams.
6. Parlay of Accumulator: This is a way of betting multiple sporting events in the hope that a big payoff will be made if all selected teams win. The picks made are against the point spread. If only one event does not win or draw, the bettor loses the entire bet. Huge sums can be made through parlay betting, but EVERY TEAM SELECTED must win.
7. Teaser: Similar to a parlay, however, in exchange for reduced odds, one can get aditional points for every selected team. Most popular is the 10 Point Teaser.
8. Futures: Bet the future championship winner in the sportbetting event and collect at the given odds at time the sports bet was placed.
9. Buying Half a Point: Example, it’s the Monday Night Game. The Home Team is favored by 3. You happen to like the visiting underdog but fear the game will be won by a field goal in the waning seconds. You will buy half a point on the visiting team and suddenly your point spread is Plus (+3 and a half). If the game ends by a winning Field Goal by the Home team, you’ve proven yourself to be a sportbetting Genius once again. If your Visiting team wins by a blowout, that half point you bought has reduced your payoff amount.
10. Keep it simple. The Straight Bet, the 2 team Parley and the lone Futures bet will lead you to placing the best possible TYPES of bets and help you become a winner. Too much strategy also makes sport betting more complicated and harder to win. At the end of the game the only outcome that should concern you is: Did your team win? For anything else, play your own hunches, know where to bet on sports, and stay away from Psychics. Bet sports wisely by keeping your selections limited and uncomplicated.